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Tomatoes: 5 Successful and 2 Failed Varieties

I planted a variety of tomatoes in various locations around my yarden. All started in healthy soil, thickly mulched, and I watered regularly for the first two weeks. Then I abandoned them. Now, I’m back to harvest and judge.

Two varieties failed this experiment.

Mr. Stripey, an heirloom variety, grew a huge limb-heavy plant that, in the end, offered a single ripe fruit. And it was a tasty one. I will likely try this one again on another year when I am around to trim and tend to it. Perhaps a bit of babying would have helped.

Summer Set, a heat-tolerant hybrid, also grew an unwieldy plant, but offered zero fruit. None.  And then the plant died.

I yanked both disappointments from the bed today.

Failed tomato varieties: Mr. Stripe and Summer Set
Failed tomato varieties: Mr. Stripe and Summer Set


A few tomatoes did well with my “plant em and ditch ’em” approach.

In full sun, Yellow Pear tomatoes produced baskets of fruit and I’m still picking a bowl a day. The Better Boys kicked out a number of juicy, healthy tomatoes. The Sweet 100s are amazingly sweet and easily my husband’s favorite.

I added a new garden bed in the shadier side of my yard. The bed receives filtered sun all day, and direct sun from 3:00 to 5:00 pm right now. The Yellow Pears did fine here, but they do fine wherever I plant them. The Everglade Tomatoes could use more sun. They are producing a few ripe fruit here and there, but far later in the season then the rest of garden.

My favorite addition this year was this Garden Peach variety. They have a mild, sweet flavor. They slice up beautifully and serve in gorgeous thick slices. And, since they are in the new shady bed, I’m still harvesting them.

Garden Peach Tomatoes
Garden Peach Tomatoes




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